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Access your FREE resources and support services for your sports club and volunteers! Provided to you for FREE from MotorSports NT in partnership with Sports Community!

This partnership will provide all grassroots clubs and volunteers affiliated with MotorSports NT access to these time saving resources. Sports Community offers a wide range of useful tools to help volunteers SAVE time, SAVE money, spend less time thinking and more time doing!

Member Protection Policy
Ochre Cards
NT Sport Integrity Toolkit

What’s in a Sports Community Membership? 

  • Checklists to ensure that you haven’t missed any steps in policies or procedures
  • Templates for position descriptions and more!
  • Training videos on topics such as how to successfully fundraise, what to do on the committee and much more!
  • Podcasts with guests in the industry, weighing in on popular topics with their expertise
  • Articles on what we’re reading, sports news and grants
  • Discounts on other Sports Community products such as workbooks and much more!

What's the value of becoming a Sports Community Member?

Using the online training services will help you…

  • Improve your time management
  • Find the time to do each job properly
  • Find your work/life balance
  • Not spend your own money when financing sports club costs
  • Obtain sponsors
  • Become a confident volunteer in your role
  • Write grants and actually get them!

Who should become a Sports Community Member?

The resources provided can be used by anyone who is a part of a sports club, especially volunteers!

The resources provided are specifically written for:

  • Secretaries
  • Presidents
  • Treasurers
  • Grants Coordinators
  • Sponsorship Coordinators
  • Fundraising Coordinators
  • Committee members
  • Marketing and Communications directors
  • Social and events Coordinators

 It covers topics important to club volunteers such as: 

  • Where to begin when fundraising or searching for grants
  • Writing and winning grant applications
  • Attracting sponsors and how to keep them
  • Running successful events for your club 
  • Using Social Media and digital communications to enhance your club and gain attention

Don’t waste any more time going in circles! Head to MotorSports NT Sign Up Page and register your Sports Community Membership now to access all these resources and more, all for FREE!

This service has been generously provided to you by MotorSports NT in partnership with Sports Community. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sports Community on:

P: 03 5973 6404


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