MotorSports NT has just celebrated it's 14th year as Peak Body for Territory motor sports.  It has been an exciting time and our growth has been quite staggering given that we originally started with the 6 clubs that operated at the Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex (HVMSC) in February 2007 to now having 22 affiliated clubs (an increase of 300%) across the Northern Territory and now represent some 10,500+ licensed competitors, pit crew, volunteers and officials.  Our 2019 survey confirms that motor sports is arguably the most patronised of all Territory sports with over 130,000 spectators and participants in the previous year!

We are fortunate that in the Territory, we have excellent relations with the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities and importantly with the Northern Territory Government who have demonstrated a commitment to Territory motor sport through a range of facility development activities and event funding across the NT.  Of course, we are very keen to see this continue into the future. 

MotorSports NT continues to represent affiliated clubs to Government and will continue to actively lobby on behalf of our members but more importantly we are setting the highest standards in Governance.  It has been a Board priority since inception to ensure that as Peak Body we provide the best possible advice and guidance on Risk Management, Good Governance practice, Committee Roles, Policy and planning activities. 

MotorSports NT as an apolitical body will continue to make sure the elected Northern Territory Government continues to understand that we represent a huge proportion of Territory constituents across a broad range of our society.   

Politicians of all persuasions need to understand that motor sport in the Territory generates and contributes significantly to our economy, this financial year alone some $80 million is estimated to be directly attributable to motor sport events.  It is essential that ongoing funding for events and infrastructure is maintained to ensure this contribution continues to grow and that we assist in “driving the Territory economy”!

Motor Sports in the Northern Territory is extremely healthy and it is our aim to continue to actively promote motor sport, attract new volunteers and officials retain our existing ones and we will continue to strive for the best possible outcomes for our affiliated member clubs.



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